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Watercolor Gallery

Comic Book, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Anime and Original Watercolor Art of Tony Moy 

Sauron LOTR
Lady Ironfist
Dr. Doom Close up
Moon Knight Rising
Toph watercolor from Avatar
Leonardo TMNT in Watercolor
Princess Mononoke in Watercolor
Watercolor Killer Frost
Watercolor over Artgerm Inks
We Are Venom
Adam Warlock - Infinity Watch
The Legend of Zelda
Avatar the Last Airbender
Batman Vs. The Maxx
Battle Angel
Angel's Quest
Azurian Princess
Hell Freezes Over
Angel's Pet
Mainstream Issue 1
Spring's Touch
Deathstroke Bust
Five Lions (Voltron)
Lady Mechanika
1000 Cranes
Plague Doctor - Invictus
Illiyana Rasputin (Magik)
Surf the Cosmos - Silver Surfer
Planet Hulk vs. Savage Surfer
Poison Ivy
Kings Landing Landscape
Spirited Away
Wolverine vs. Ninjas
Fastest Man Alive

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Watercolor over Artgerm Inks

Cover painted for Marat Mychaels "Prey for the Sinner" Book. With underlying inks by Artgerm