"Elphaba Defiant" - Watercolor Print
Wicked was one of the funnest musicals I've ever had the opportunity to watch. There's something about the musical art form that touches every single sense. As a musician and an visual artist listening to great music augments the great story and visuals that dance across the stage.


This print is on sale while in Pre-order status.  Current orders will be pre-orders and may take up to a 4-8 weeks before they are printed and shipped. Once the prints are sent to the printer, the pre-order sale will end.

Watch the painting process of this piece on youtube channel: https://youtu.be/zGIl-N7JSzo


"Elphaba Defiant" is printed on Finest Quality Velvet Cotton Rag paper with deckle edges (ie. torn). Each 11x17 print will be stamped and signed. All Prints are stamped by the Artist Tony Moy with a Chinese chop.  All Prints will be shipped flat in 13 x 18 Heavy board shipping envelopes.

Elphaba Defiant - Specialty Watercolor Print

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