"In the Eyes of Bastet, you can find eternity."

A wandering nomad, or desert ranger, this original watercolor --Eyes of Bastet,  was painted all with Artist Quality M. Graham  lightfast watercolors and Airbrush on Arches #140 cotton hotpress watercolor paper. 

An original idea I wanted to explore focusing on the feminine face and the intricate folds of the fabric. Additional photos and images upon request.

Also, check out the watercolor print available here: 


M. Graham watercolors are made with Northwest blackberry honey, recalling the practice of early artists who drew from nature for their materials as well as their subjects. 


All Original art is sold matted but not framed and will ship Flat.  If you have any questions, please contact me at tonymoy2@gmail.com.

Eyes of Bastet - 9x12 - Watercolor Original Art