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"Martin Luther King Jr. - I have a Dream."
There's something to his words that resonate deep within you no matter what the time period.  50% of all proceeds from this print will be donated to the King Foundation. Founded by King's widow, Coretta Scott King, The King Center seeks to educate and spread Dr. King's message of furthering civil rights for black people through nonviolent, peaceful protest. 

Watch the painting process of this piece on youtube: Martin Luther King Jr. Speedpaint


MLK Jr.  is printed on Finest Quality Velvet Cotton Rag paper with deckle edges (ie. torn). Each 11x17 print will be stamped and signed. All Prints are stamped by the Artist Tony Moy with a Chinese chop.  All Prints will be shipped flat in 13 x 18 Heavy board shipping envelopes.

Martin Luther King Jr. - I Have a Dream - Specialty Watercolor Print

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