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We have a New Official Site!

Thanks to our supporters on Patreon, we now have an official site for the 

project.  Please consider supporting the project to help spread the word.

Please check out!

The 4Forty2nd Web Comic

The Lost Battalion

The Japanese- American Infantry Regiment - The 442nd - fought and died in WW2.  Their amazing stories of self sacrifice, courage and patriotism echo through our history but is little-known.  This web comic available on Web toon and Tapas explores 12 days in 1944 where the 442nd was tasked to rescue the Texas Battalion caught behind enemy lines.

Episodes will be released on a monthly basis or as they become available.  Follow me on Patreon to support this project and for a sneak peek of the process behind the scenes.

You can support this project by visiting my Patreon.

Click below to read the web comic officially releasing at the end of September.

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