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Materials and Methods

Questions Always Welcome.

While I use a wide variety of tools, I primarily focus on watercolors and dabble with Gouache.  I generally use Arches Watercolor Blocks or large format rolls of paper.  The majority of paints I use are personally selected professional watercolors from M. Graham, Daniel Smith, Holbein and Windsor Newton.  I use a variety of palettes and combinations of colors depending on the art piece.  Below is a snapshot of my current studio palette as seen on

Watercolor Paints and Palette

My Papers

I generally work on Hot Press because it gives me the control and level of detail that I enjoy having.  The following are some of my favorite papers to paint with both single leafs and sketchbooks.  If you've tried them let me know what you think! Click the links below to buy now.

My Paints

Without a doubt, M. Graham are my favorite brand of paints.  The added honey simply makes the paint luxurious to work with.  They take forever to harden into cakes and the pigment load is always brilliant.

My Tools

I've upgraded my brushes over the years, and while they are amazing, I know I can get by with much more economical brushes.  But let me just say that once you start looking at top of the line brushes its hard to go back.

My Streaming Gear

Over the years,  I've slowly improved my streaming cameras and rigs finally to a point where I'm quite happy with them.  I started with just a single logitech webcam working with free streaming apps, and now to a whole desk setup with multiple cams.

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