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Supporting the artist

How to support your artist and keep the creative art flowing.

Being a watercolor artist isn't easy.  Traveling from one Comic Convention to another  can be exhausting.  Your support on this journey means the world to me.  I would not be where ever I am today with out all of you who supported me all my life.  The easiest way to support me is to follow and like me and my art on social media.  Every like and follow leads to a higher ranking, which leads to more views, which leads to potential sponsorships and opportunities, which leads to more creations.  A win-win for the both of us. 

If you're looking for a more straightforward option,  feel free to buy me a cup of coffee(ko-fi),  donate or subscribe to my Twitch Live Stream where we discuss all manners of art processes,  or purchase any of these items on this page through my affiliate links.  

My Patreon is set up for those of you who are anxious to join the community.

Again,  thanks for all your support, friendship, and motivation.  I literally wouldn't be here without all of you.

Keep Moving Forward,

Tony Moy

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