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Commissions 2019

Interested in a commission?  Reserve a spot on my list and contact me for an estimate. Payment will not be required until artwork is started (or otherwise agreed upon eg. pickup at a convention). Availability may be limited. Additional cost may apply for unique requests (characters, backgrounds, etc).   For work related to publications (Covers, Cards, Promotions, etc), please contact me for prices and consideration. Open to working with small press budgets direction aligns. :)

At the Convention

Pre-Con or General Commission

Professional Studio Commission

At conventions, commissions are first come/first serve.  You can request to reserve a spot prior to the show. Due to time and general hectic atmostphere of the show, commissions painted at the convention will be monochrome  or limited palette (extra splashes of color may be added as appropriate). Depending on availability, I may have very limited slots for full color pieces at the show.

Convention Commissions are painting on 140# Arches Hot Press watercolor paper standard 7x10 (comic size), 8x8 or 9x12. Painted with artist grade watercolors.

Convention Prices Start at: 

Planning to see me at a convention or just simply want to up the ante?  Any time prior to a particular convention I will be attending, you can pre-order a commission for that convention or have them shipped.

Most commissions will be completed by and delivered at the convention (circumstances may change).


 Pre-con/General Commissions are painted on Arches Hot Press watercolor blocks with a 18 - 30 color pallette.  Due to working at the studio, the additional time, focus and effort I am able to apply lends to a higher quality, more layers and finer details.

Ready for the best of the best? Studio Commissions take a longer time.  Some have ranged from 40 hours+  These are larger pieces that may take a much larger amount of time, consideration, materials, and preparation. Only the highest quality papers and paints will be used.

All Studio Commissions will be painted on hand stretched on wooden frames with Arches 140 # Hot Press or a thick 300# loose Fabriano Hot Press Paper (real durable thick paper).  Studio Commissions are painted with a 50+ color watercolor palette and may include touches of gouache and acrylic as needed.  Custom or larger sizes available upon request. Some requests at this level may require weeks if not months.

Studio Prices Start at:

Elven Priestess

10x14 Watercolor on Arches Hot Press