Watercolor Commissions

Custom Comic, Anime, Fantasy and Sci-fi Art Painted for You.

Interested in a commission?  Reserve a spot on my list and contact me for an estimate. Payment will not be required until artwork is started (or otherwise agreed upon eg. pickup at a convention). Availability may be limited. Additional cost may apply for unique requests (characters, backgrounds, etc).  Unfortunately,  I do not do personal portraits (but saying Robert Downey Jr. Iron Man is ok) or pet portraits. For work related to publications (Covers, Cards, Promotions, etc), please contact me for prices and consideration. Open to working with small press budgets direction aligns. :)

Standard Watercolor Commissions

Request available pre-convention and during convention as well as for delivery by mail.

Standard watercolors are generally timeboxed. At conventions, commissions are first come/first serve.  You can request to reserve a spot prior to the show. Due to time and general pace of shows, there are a limited number of full color/full palette offered at a show.  Most commissions painted at the convention will be monochrome (2 color)  or limited palette (3-6 colors). 

Convention Commissions are painting on 140# Arches Hot Press watercolor paper  with M. Graham Professional Watercolors.​

Basic Palette 2-color

Limited Palette 3-6 color

Full Watercolors

This Ink and 2-tone watercolor (occasionally with a splash of another color) is generally a straight forward head or body shot. Single character only.

7x10, 8x8 - $80

6x12 - $100

9x12 - $160

The Ink and 3-6 color range of commissions allows me to tackle pretty much any color a character needs. Usually bust to 3/4 characters will be painted.  Loose backgrounds.

7x10, 8x8 - $140

6x12 - $160

9x12 - $240

+$40 for additional character. Maxmimum 2 Total characters.

Using a Full Color Palette (up to 20 colors) gives me more tools to play and go a little crazy. This allows me to take a simple color and embellish it  by taking it for a ride across the spectrum. 

7x10, 8x8 - $200*

6x12 - $220*

9x12 - $300*

10x14 - $400

*Smaller sizes only available pre-convention.

Additional characters available for an additional $40. Up to 4 characters depending on size.

Blank Comic Cover Commissions

Paper quality of blank covers are variable and has a variable effect on the final product.

These are ideally painted in studio due to the random quality of the cover paper.  Blank cover commissions may use any number of mediums from watercolor, gouache, inks and even acrylics. Pieces are generally half-figure and up.

Blank Cover - $140

Professional Studio Commissions

Take off the reigns and let me go a little crazy.

Ready for the best of the best? Studio Commissions take a longer time.  Some have taken over 40 hours to complete.  These are larger pieces with a higher focus to detail and process that may take a much larger amount of time, consideration, materials, and preparation. Only the highest quality papers and paints will be used.  All studio commissions start with sketches and studies for you to choose from.  Once you select one, that's where the fun begins.


Prices start at $550 on Fabriano's Artistico 300 lb paper.

Sizes start at 12"x16" and range to 4'x 2'

All Studio Commissions will be painted on hand stretched on wooden frames with Arches 140 # Hot Press or a thick 300# loose Fabriano Hot Press Paper (real durable thick paper).  Fabriano's Artistico papers are 100% cotton and are acid-free/pH neutral and chlorine-free.  The paper is mould-made using cotton balls instead of stretched and beaten cotton fibers like other brands. This creates a more consistent and even water absorption over the surface, and makes it more strong and durable to withstand scrubbing, erasing, and all common watercolor techniques.


Studio Commissions are painted with a 50+ color watercolor palette and may include touches of gouache and acrylic as needed.  Custom or larger sizes available upon request. Some requests at this level may require weeks if not months.  Roll over the Studio examples below.

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