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I'm so excited to bring you my new watercolor course.  Everywhere I travel I constantly get asked about my process or general tips to paint better,  whether you're just getting started, or been painting a while and want to up you watercolor skills.  This course will have something for you.   Follow along with me as I break down processes and tips that will help you finish your painting with a little extra flourish.

Please use the following link to support me and discover more about my course available on

Whether you are depicting fantasy creatures or real ones, storytelling is the most essential aspect of illustration. Mixed-media artist Tony Moy uses watercolors to create captivating comic book art. He has worked on titles including Batman, Dungeons and Dragons, and The X-Files, and has over 10 years experience teaching art and design.

In my online course, I will share my watercolor techniques for illustrating comic book covers, from the initial wash to the final special effects. Learn how to paint dynamic works of art and retouch them using digital tools. Bring heroes from your imagination to life with watercolors.

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