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"Silver Surfer - On System's Edge"
Painting shiny surfaces is such a wonderful challenge.   I wanted to avoid using the monochromatic approaches that I sometimes see with the Surfer, ie. all blue tones or grey tones.   I wanted to place him in the colorful confines of space and see all the lovely tints reflect off him.   I used all of the 50 different colors that adorn my palette on this piece.


The Silver Surfer is printed on Finest Quality Velvet Cotton Rag paper with a soft sheen/silk like touch with fade proof acrylic inks. Each 11x17 print will be stamped and signed. All Prints are stamped by the Artist Tony Moy with a Chinese chop.  All Prints will be shipped flat in 13 x 18 Heavy board shipping envelopes.

Silver Surfer - On System's Edge - Standard Watercolor Print

SKU: cc-007
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