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Art Supplies to Keep Your Kids Creative.

In these days of quarantine and schooling from home. We're all looking to keep kids creative. While I don't have any rugrats of my own, I have a gaggle of wonderfully talented nephews and nieces that love drawing and painting and Batman. So I put together some great fun creative tools to help them find their inner Picasso. Feel free to use any of the links below for your convenience The links below also help support one of your favorite artists (that means me... Hopefully I'm on that list.)

All the Colors

Can't make art without some colors. These paints and markers are perfect for kids to play and experiment with without breaking the budget.

For the Studio

You have to have these artists feel like artists and give them the right tools to create their masterpieces. It's not always about what they're making but how they feel while they're creating it.

Other Creative Outlets

Not everything creative needs to be in 2 dimensions. Check out all these wonderful craft tools that can help decorate and sculpt all sorts of things for your budding sculpturist and fashion designers.

Hope this helps keep the little ones busy and exploring their creativity! Have any other ideas? Feel free to check out all sorts of fun supplies and creative inspirations at Dick Blick Kids Art Supplies section.

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