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Nelson Mandela

You can't have a conversation about the history of civil rights without considering the amazing perserverance of Nelson Mandela. From freedom fighter to prisoner to president, there is no one else that can epitomize the strength, wisdom, and patience that one needs to battle against apartheid in South Africa and unite a country. I could only hope to honor his spirit by painting this piece.

As with my previous piece with MLK, I chose to use all the colors at my disposal to represent that it is when all the colors work together can we create something beautiful. On a slightly humorous side note, for the majority of this painting process i was constantly repeating in my head ,"Don't paint Morgan Freeman, Don't paint Morgan Freeman..." To be fair and honest.... they do look quite similar. :)

To purchase a print of this portrait, please visit my store.

"The methods of political action used by the oppressed are determined by the oppressor. In South Africa, the methods which the people are using to oppose apartheid and racial discrimination are determined by the government. Where the government talks peacefully to solve problems by peaceful means and talks to the oppressed, it would be very difficult for them to turn to violence. But when the government Bans political organization, Bans political activity, paralyzes individuals by imposing bans on them and intensifies oppression and carries on a brutal suppression of all political activities, what do you expect us to do, we must resort to violence to defend ourselves." -- Nelson Mandela

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