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Art Supply Amazon Deals

As I get further along in my streaming and social media endeavors, I often receive questions about recommended art supplies. To be more efficient, I've created an Amazon Shop that holds all my recommendations for a variety of art supplies from drawing, to painting, to digital. I've also learned that as an Amazon Affiliate/Influencer, I am privy to various promotions and deals that Amazon has going on that might be useful some of you. These deals will apply the discount upon checkout and aren't readily visible to the public. Moving forward, as I find good deals and promotions, I'll add it here to my blog. For every purchase you make, I get a small portion of your expenditures to help keep this site and my other various channels going. So thank you for taking a look and all your support!

12 Piece Black Fineliner Pens -$5.59 with additional 50% off at checkout (~$2.30) I'd use these for sketching and doodline. Can't really go wrong for < $3. 72 color pencil set - $49.99 with additional 65% off at checkout (~$18) Seems to be pretty durable but better for younger kids. XIAOYA Portable Mini Projector - $100-$120 with additional 50% off at checkout - ($50-$60)

I do use a projector from time to time to transfer my art to larger sheets of paper after sketching or digital comps. Many of the professional artists I know have one in their arsenal. However it's sometimes difficult to validate the purchase of a projector for such a niche need. but for $50-$60 it's worth the investment!

Coavas Chalkboard Sticker Paper Self-Adhesive Peel $17 with additional 65% off at checkout (~$6)

Fun for kids to chalk on the wall or even just home office /studio notes

Laptop/drawing portible table top. $44 with additional 50% off at checkout ($22) Sometimes I want a portable table top so I can chill on the couch and still work a little. I actually bought one of these!

Hope you might find these useful!

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