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Fundraising for Charles Kibby's fight against Covid-19

Charles Kibby is a good friend of Daniel Govar (another Watercolor artist I tour conventions with) and I. He heads up security and other services at a variety of conventions (eg. HerosCon) that we attend. He's definitely looked out for me. There were conventions that I would have been in the red, if he didn't keep an eye out and help me find a new location for my booth. Currently he's fighting Covid-19 in a bad way. He's in the hospital right now battling on an ECMO machine which is externally oxygenating his blood because his lungs can't do it. In an effort to raise money for his go fund me, Daniel Govar (Insta: @danielGovar) and I will be holding an art auction of Kibby's favorite character - Hellboy. The auction will be held on our respective social media accounts with Instagram and Facebook being the primary sources of update. The winner of the artwork will donate funds to Charles Kibby's goFundMe ( The auction will last 24 hours.

Here is my Hellboy contribution for the auction. Good Luck and keep fighting Kibby!

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