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Prime Days Art Deals

If you're up for deals on Prime Days on Amazon, I found some nice deals on some art products along on my searches. these deals only available for another 12 or so hours. :) Also some tools that are great for that budding artist you know! Feel free to share any other deals you've found.

Portable Cordless Auto Airbrush Gun Kit - (Yah my big find, we'll see how this works.)

18-Wells Watercolor Paint Palette - $8 (I actually have several of these)

Tin Watercolor Palette - $30 (Because style and has a nice little finger tab)

35 piece pencil draing kit -$16 (Nothing ever takes the place of drawing)

30 Colors ADAXI Alcohol Grayscale Markers Set - $20 (good reviews and Copics are like 10x more expensive)

4 Size Professional Round Squirrel Hair Watercolor Brushes (dainayw) - 32$

ARTSY Watercolor Paint Set – 42 Assorted Colors - (Super Portable!!) - $16

*Also, if you decide to purchase, please use the links above as you'll help support me with every sale

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